Gabrielle Union Brags Over Husband’s Manhood

Gabrielle Union Brags Over Husband’s Manhood

Dwayne Wade is all that and more and Gabrielle Union wants you to know.
The Hollywood actress shared tweets about her love for University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA, on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, and we can understand seeing as she is a graduate of the institution.

She also went on about how impressed she is with Lonzo Ball. Of course, trolls saw an in and decided to take advantage.

A troll tweeted at her saying, “U want his d*ck too?”

Knowing exactly what she’s got, Gabrielle was quick to reply, “Ummm… no. My current penis situation is stellar.”

Guess what? Wade confirmed Gabrielle’s assertion with a tweet of his own, “Talk that talk.”

Don’t you just love the banter between those two?
Gabrielle and Dwayne tied the knot in August 2014, and remained the virtual peas in the pod since then.


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